Top10 Famous Nigeria Musicians | Buzz Nigeria, Feb 2017.


Nigeria is one of the prominent African states popular for its films and music. This has seen the country find its niche in top states globally. Obiora Emeka, in his blog tries to rank some of the famous Nigerian musicians who have gained popularity over time. It can generally be said that all music from Nigeria is a hit. This might be because of their traditional theme that they blend in most of their production. Here is the exclusive list by the author;

1. D’Banj

Not only is this musician famous but also one of the richest in the continent. Ever since his first single gained fame, D’Banj has stayed at the top of his game. He has done collabos with the likes of Don Jazzy in ‘Tongolo’and Kanye West in ‘Oliver Twist’.

2. TuFace Idibia

TuFace Idibia
This artist gained fame after his single ‘African Queen’ became a hit. His history with music traces back to the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu where he realized his passion for music. To date, TuFace
remains one of the He later dropped out to do music as a career and has never failed to impress his fans.

3. Nneka Egbuna

Nneka Egbuna
Nneka Egbuna is a female Nigerian artist who does her music from Germany. Even while there, she still embraces her culture and this is evident in her music videos. She will go into history books as the first woman to trend with Nigerian music internationally.

4. P-Square

P-Square was formed by twins, Peter and Paul. The duo are believed to be the ones who marketed Nigeria continental through their music. Their history traces back to high school where they both performed as entertainers. They have managed to sell their names and the name of their country internationally.

5. Asa

This French Nigerian songstress does her music from Paris. She was born Bukola Elemide before acquiring her stage name ‘Asa’. Her music history traces back in Africa where she was born and raised. Her music markets her country’s name and culture internationally.