Top10 Hottest Producers In Nakuru, Kenya | Mzuka Kibao, 2015.


Nakuru is one of the fastest growing counties in terms of music and infrastructure. This has been characterized by the emergence of producers/studios. The author of this blog has therefore listed some of the best producers/studios in the county for the benefit of the public. The list below was arrived at after several factors were considered. They include; Market consistency, relevancy, production quality and ability to play an instrument.

10) Beat Ya Teroh/Gylo Pain.

Beat Ya Teroh/Gylo Pain
These two producers have similar production techniques in most of their projects. The only difference is that they grace two different radio stations. Gylo however has an added advantage over Teroh as he doubles up as a video director at Gee 2 Records.

9) Ben Bunyan.

Ben Bunyan.
He is known for the production of Rn B and Hip hop. He heads the Alter Records in Shabaab. Artists that he has worked with include Mc Nello and Pablo Gnakubwa.

8) Produza Paulo.

Produza Paulo
He is one of the few Gospel producers in Nakuru. He owns the Psalms International which is a studio located in Free Area Blankets. He also has the ability to play the piano. He has worked with artists such as Andy Joe among others.

7) R.O.B Msanii Kikosi.

R.O.B Msanii Kikosi-nakuru producer
He is a producer at Camp Rap Records in Shabaab. His projects have earned him a place among the best producer most so for hip hop contents. His charges are Kshs. 5000 for a normal audio production. He has worked with artists such as Kalimani the MC, Shahidi Xculibar and Kitu Sewer.

6) SQ Produza (Nakuru).

SQ Produza-Nakuru
He works at safi music in Mawanga. He is also a Gospel producer. His quality though can only be rated as standard. His charges are Kshs. 5000 for a normal audio recording. He has worked with artists such as Zawadi and Henry Slug.

5) Frederick Rico.

Frederick Rico-nakuru-producer
He is based at Sturnford records located at Satellite. He can be termed as the best producer in Nakuru for his projects. His charges are Kshs. 5000 per single. Omodot Nana is one of the artists he has worked with.

4) Amos Majira.

Amos Majira-nakuru-producer
He owns ‘5 strings music’ in Nakuru. He is one of the youngest producers in the industry. He is also talented in playing guitar among other music instruments. His charges are Kshs. 7000 per single with the chance of a bargain.

3) Boy.

He is the main producer at Full Anchor International that is located at Racecourse. He boasts of working on other big studios like Ogopa and Jomino. His ability to play the electric guitar makes him stand out. His charges are Kshs. 5000 per single. Whether this price is negotiable or not, it is still not clear.

2) Draft Sheriff.

Draft Sheriff-nakuru-producer
He works at Real Records Entertainment located at White house along the road leading to Kiti. He is one of the cheapest producers charging Kshs. 4000 per single. He has worked with the likes of Kaka Wisdom, Mc Emis That Rhymer, Morgan Captain among others.

1) Marvo.

He started his music career in Kisumu. He was born Marvin Abwao before going on to acquire his music name Marvo. He runs his own music label ‘Marvin Music’ in Nakuru. He has produced hits such as ‘Nishatulia’ and ‘Mbarikiwa’. He has worked with artists such as Zae de Kim, Hush Bk and Needah.