Top10 Trending Music Videos on YouTube Kenya.



Very few artists have been able to make a serious comeback to the entertainment scene after being away for almost a decade, but one of the chosen few is Nyashinski.An expert rapper and lyricist who gained fame in early 2000’s as part of the bad-boys music group Kleptomaniax before he moved to the states until 2015 when he re-emerged on the scene, but it wasn’t until the release of his record setting hit “Now You Know” that we fully felt his presence.A few days ago the star unveiled twin tracks in a project he calls Double X- The two sides of Nyashinski. It is a move that can be pulled  by a few. Among this songs was “Malkia” a love ballad that Nyashinski uses to speak to a lady he has fallen for.

2.Love-Jimmy Gait.

For the longest time, people have been using funny memes on Jimmy Gait also associating him with every happening in the country claiming that he will release a song on whatever is happening. He has been silent for the longest time and finally has come to a point of reply. His message to everyone that has trolled him positively or negatively is simple. I Give you love! Watch the song and be inspired to offer love to everybody who meets you with pessimism.

3.Nairobi Yangu-Gilad x SuperBand.

“Nairobi Yangu” is a song  Gilad together with The Superband use to showcase the amazing day to day activities of love as well as kindness that happen within the capital of Kenya, combining their voices in a charming harmony on top of the trumpets, this track is definitely a bomb.

4.Honey-Dela x Silver Stone.

Taurus Musik officially released the video to “Honey” by Dela, recognized for her commanding vocals and powerful lyrics featuring Silvastone, a London-based African singer, songwriter and producer well-known in the UK music scene.

5.Tazama-Daddy Owen A.k.a Papa Fololo.

The song Titled “Tazama” which is a Swahili phrase that means look, is a gospel song that Daddy Owen uses to pass an awareness message among believers to be wary to the devil who is always snooping on them.


“TBT” which is well known for its abbreviation as throwback Thursday. It is that one day in a week that we wake up and refresh memories that were captured from a while back. Coincidentally the track was just unveiled on the same day.Its a hip hop jam by Octopizzo that has caught the attention of many.


After releasing a gospel song collectively with Bahati dubbed Unikumbushe, the Salome hit maker is back once more with a new hit. Rayvanny has released a love ballad dubbed Zezeta, a song that without doubt is well composed. Listen to the lyrics and note that this kid has some good talent.

8.Toa Tint-Khaligraph Jones.

The song titled “Toa Tint/Mask Off” opens with Khaligraph imitating his critics who are calling him out after bleaching. He is using this issue to make his name superior and he says as much in the song’s lyrics. The point is, whether you respect the OG or not, his talent remains acknowledged.


Aslay sang the song “Naenda Kusema Kwa Mama’ a track that was received quit well and without doubt, it was a nice one. Aslay released three tracks back to back, Angekuona, Usiitie Doa featuring Khadija Kopa and at this time the kid is out with a love ballad known as Muhudumu.

10.Darassa-Hasara Roho.

After releasing this hit song Muziki, Darassa has done it again. Shariff Thabeet, his real name, has released one more hit dubbed Roho Hasara, you will agree with me that this song is bigger hit than Muziki.