Top5 Most Destructive Computer Viruses | TopTeny, February 2017

Top5 Most Dangerous Virus

In this computer age there emerges a community of unethical individuals who want to illegally access people’s computers and generally just cause malice. Here’s a list of the top deadliest Computer Viruses, TopTeny.

1. Slammer


Commonly known as Sapphire, Slammer is a worm that destroys private and public services by attacking their key services, causing a permanent stop. It spreads rapidly, since once the first server is infected, the number of infected nodes doubles. Bank of America was one of this virus’s victims.

2. Conficker


Conficker came up around 2008 and was commonly referred to by programmers as “Downup” and sometimes, “Super Bug”. This was mainly due to its complex nature; since once it is launched it is very hard, or almost impossible, to terminate.

3. Fizzer


It’s worm created for money robbery. Like a typical computer virus, once it infects a computer, it starts sending out spams to various mail accounts in the computer’s contacts directory. Fizzer was not as fast as Code Red, though it caused severe setbacks that stimulated Microsoft to offer $250,000 for whomever gave out information that would lead them to capture the creators.

4. Code Red

Code Red

Here is an interesting tit-bit; Code Red was named so for its creators were laying down drinking Code Red Mountain Dew when they were hatching it up. It’s target was the computers with the web servers of Microsoft IIS installed. Once these infected , the virus starts copying itself in great numbers while erasing almost all the system resources.  Although Code Red has caused serious problems initially, it’s now considered the least threatening.

5. StuxNet


StuxNet was responsible for ruining half of the nuclear centrifuges of Iran. It was mainly created to target the softwares of Siemens and take it’s systems down. This worm would be inactive in a non-Siemens computer, but still it would still cause mild damage, but not to the extent of sacrificing itself.