Top5 Richest Counties in Kenya | Mpasho, 2016


Below are Kenya’s top 5 richest counties as ranked by Mpasho based World Bank report on their GDP per capita. Visit Hobeyy TV to learn more about the counties.

  1. Kiambu  $1,788 


Kiambu county is among the four counties that form Nairobi Metro others including Nairobi county, Kajiado County and Machakos county. The county is known for its massive industrial activities hosting some of Kenya’s largest manufacturing companies such as Broadways Bakery, Bidco Oil Refineries, CMC Motor vehicle assembly line among others. The county also serves as one of the major producer of agricultural products serving the the Great Nairobi Metro.

2. Nyeri  $1,503


Nyeri county is among the major suppliers of food crops to the Nairobi metro.It is known for large scale production of cash crops such as coffee and tea due to its rich agricultural fields. The county also hosts Mount Kenya, the tallest in Kenya and the second in Africa which attracts tourists and climbers.

3. Kajiado 1,466


Kajiado county is part of the Nairobi Metro with a population of about 687,312 people and borders Nairobi and Tanzania to the further south. The county is popular as home to several animal species making it one of the major tourist destinations in Kenya.

4. Nakuru 1, 413


Nakuru county has a population of about 1,603,325 with its Capital, Nakuru city the fourth most populated city in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. It contains the greater lake Nakuru National Park home of flamingos and various wild animals making it one of the major tourist destinations in Kenya. It also acts as a center for various retail businesses providing goods and services to the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

5. Kwale 1, 406

Kwale 1, 406

Located on the coast of Kenya, Kwale is mainly an inland county but with coastline south of Mombasa home to more than 649,931 people. It relies mainly on tourism as many local and international tourist visit the area for its warm beaches.